Modern technology has given this world its fast pace, yet it is making many people less active and more sedentary jobs.

With the influx of computers, robotics and automated processes, lots of people are spending time sitting for prolonged periods.  Time constraints have also deprived many people of the benefits of exercise and stretching has become a mission for many people.

The lack of physical activity can lead to pain in the back or neck, poor circulation, insomnia or stress.  People working in a high-tech environment need to engage in exercises to stretch their muscles and joints.  It will help to relieve tension and relax aching muscles which are subjected to Repetitive Strain Injuries.

People are one of the most important assets of every business.  Companies are responsible for the health, fitness and well-being of their employees.  They should see to it that their workers have time to stretch their aching bodies to make them more alert and productive.

For some office workers, yoga has become an effective way to relieve stress, exercise the body and improve circulation.  It requires just 20 minutes per day.  You too can perform yoga in the office to uplift your mood and energize your body and mind.

Here are some of the problems people can resolve by practicing yoga in the office:

1. Repetitive Strain Injury and Back Pain

Repetitive stooping, bending or twisting can affect your posture and cause RSI, back pain and damage to your spinal column. You can avoid this by ensuring that you have an office chair which can support your back and allow you to sit naturally.  You can also eliminate this problem by practicing yoga in the morning for at least 20 minutes a day.  It can help to stretch your muscles, alleviate repetitive strain injury and back pain, and improve circulation.

2. Sleeping Problems

Pressures of work, worries of tight deadlines and bill payment schedules are some of the sources of things that can disrupt your sleeping pattern.  Thinking too much of these things even if you’re already in bed can keep you awake for much of the night and leave you devoid of energy in the morning.  This could result in poor performance, lack of concentration, absent mindedness and stress.

You can prevent this from becoming a cycle by performing a 10-minute yoga session which involves gentle stretching and controlled breathing before you go to bed.  This can help to relax your tense muscles, ease your stress, relax your mind and put you to sleep.

3. Eye Strain

Eye strain is a common problem for workers who spend long periods staring at the computer screen.  It is manifested by abnormal eye watering, headaches, blurred vision, tired eyes and intense pain behind the eyes.  You should not ignore these symptoms even if they are temporary because they can make you unproductive and uneasy.

You can alleviate eye strain by applying the “clock” yoga sequence. You can do it by making your eyes do the clock and counter clockwise sequence two times.  Remember to start at 12 on each sequence.

4. Poor Circulation

Sitting all day can cause your leg muscles to cramp or develop restless leg syndrome.  It can also lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis which is characterized by painful blood clots in your calf.

This condition is often triggered by poor circulation. To alleviate its symptoms, try practicing yoga that is aimed at stretching and improving the circulation of your legs and feet.

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