People used to practice stretching before engaging in exercises, sports or other physical activities.  It was an old school belief that stretching before a physical activity helps the body become ready and to prevent injuries.

According to recent studies, stretching is not an effective pre-workout routine.  Exercise experts now believe that a dynamic warm-up technique is what your body needs to test its balance, flexibility and strength.  Here are some of the warm up exercises that help to prevent injuries:

1. Jogging

Jogging is an effective way to warm up before any exercise or sports activity.  You can start by jogging 25 percent of your maximum speed and increase it gradually to 60 percent.  Be sure to pump your arms as you jog to warm them up as well.

2. Ankle Roll

Ankle rolling is an important warm up routine because it helps to make your ankle flexible.  Ankle rolls are done by moving the ankles clockwise in circles for a few minutes then the motion is reversed to counter clockwise.

3. Butt Kicker

You can do this warm up routine by kicking your feet towards your rear while jogging forward.  This is to ensure that your quadriceps is ready for a strenuous bout.

4. Neck Roll

You should do a neck roll to avoid the tightening of your neck when you work out.  You can do this by simply moving your neck slowly in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

5. Side Twist

To ensure that the tightening of the mid-section of your body is minimized during a physical workout, you should do the side twist.  This is done by twisting your core while your hips are facing forward.  Start slow and gradually increase speed.  Stop when your core has warmed up.

6. Arm Hugs

You can do the arm hugs by extending your arms towards your sides and making a motion of hugging yourself.  Repeat the process for a few minutes.  Start slow and gradually increase speed until your arms and shoulders are warmed up.

7. Windmills

This warm up routine is done by making circles simultaneously with both arms.  You can start small and slow but you should gradually increase to big and fast.  This is to ensure that your arms and shoulders are prepared for a strenuous exercise.

8. Knee Highs

This is done by kicking your knee towards your chest while you’re jogging.  You can include your hands by extending them out at chest level and to make your knees touch your hands while you’re doing it.

9. Back Pedaling

You can back pedal by facing the opposite of your target direction then move backwards with the balls of your feet.


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