Antioxidants are substances such as vitamins C and E which that inhibit oxidation.  They are powerful nutrients that protect your cells from damage brought by free radicals which your body produces during its metabolic process.

Antioxidants play an important role to keep you healthy, energized and youthful.  They also help to boost your brain function and fortify your immune system to keep you protected from diseases.

Here are some of the health benefits of antioxidants:

1. They help to regenerate your cells

The main function of antioxidants is to replenish or rejuvenate the cells of your body.  Your body is composed of approximately 100 trillion cells, and many of them are renewable, especially the ones that make up your skin. 

Cells which are rich in antioxidants regenerate faster.  You need to eat foods which are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants in order to keep your body and brain cells in top shape.

2. They help to keep you brain healthy

Your brain is a very delicate and complex part of your body.  It controls your entire system.  It is difficult to reach and manipulate especially if some of its parts are damaged.  You need to take good care of your brain in order to preserve its health.  The best and only way to care for it is to nourish it with brain boosting foods which are rich in antioxidants and other substances.

3. They help to keep you physically strong

A strong body is able to endure the pressures and physical demands of life.  Its ability to keep you mentally alert also helps to give you resilience and ability to perform well even under pressure.

4. They help to protect you from diseases

One of the most vital functions of antioxidants is to keep your cells healthy and free the harmful effects of free radicals.  This helps to lighten the load of your immune system and allow it to direct its attention on protecting you from disease causing organisms.

5. The help to delay aging

The antioxidant's ability to make your cells renew faster helps to give you a youthful look and a healthy glow.  This is the reason why manufacturers of multivitamins and supplements which are rich in antioxidants often emphasize that their products can help to make you look young, healthy and glowing.

You can keep yourself healthy and youthful naturally by eating fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants.  They can greatly help to give you a sound mind in a sound, youthful body.


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