Stress in the workplace is a person’s physical and emotional response to the pressures of work.  It is an adverse reaction that usually develops when we become anxious due to factors caused by extreme pressure brought to us by our superiors and fellow workers.

A little amount of stress at work is acceptable as it can be a good motivator, but too much of it can make you lose energy.  It can affect your performance, make you unproductive, and if you won’t find ways to deal with it, it will take its toll on your well-being.

Some causes of stress in the workplace include:

– Excessive workloads;

– Unrealistic deadlines;

– Lack of autonomy and sense of powerlessness;

– Lack of knowledge or skill;

– Management bullying;

– Difficult relationships with fellow workers.

Work-related stress can’t take you down in just one sitting.  It is the accumulation of its contributing factors that affect your health.  If you are stressed at work, you need to identify its causes and deal with them promptly before they can affect your personality and behavior.  You should always remember that you will be spending long years in the workplace before you can retire.

What are the signs of work-related stress?

You may not know it, but stress in the workplace can affect your physical and emotional state.  It can even change the way you deal with your work, your fellow workers, your family and your friends.  In short, it can adversely affect your behavior.

Stress in the workplace can also manifest in the following ways:

– Weakened resistance to illnesses and infections;

– Fatigue and lack of energy and drive;

– Insomnia

– Head, body and back aches

– Loss of appetite or eating disorder

– Decreased sex drive

– Abnormal palpitation;

– Digestive problems;

– Short temper

There are lots of ways to deal with work-related stress depending on what caused them.  The very first thing that you should do is to identify your stressors at work.  From there, you can already start to find ways to address them.  Take time to relax.  Ask for professional help if necessary.