Exercise is the best way to keep us fit and active.  Aside from the endurance, stamina, strength and sense of well-being that it gives us, it also plays an active role in keeping our body free from toxins that tend to damage our cells.  It improves circulation, increases oxygen supply to our body tissues, and enhances the function of our gastrointestinal system.

There are actually five exercises which fitness experts recommend to boost colon health and protect it from cancer.  These exercises strengthen your colon and the abdominal muscles surrounding it.  They also help to improve the performance of the other organs of your digestive system.

The five exercises that help to keep your colon in good health are:

1. Walking or Jogging

These exercises are similar and they only vary in speed and impact on some parts of your body.  They also provide your body with similar health benefits including enhanced circulation and improved blood flow of your intestinal tract.  This translates to an efficient digestive system.

If you are a beginner in these exercises or if age or a particular health condition prevents you from engaging in strenuous activities such as jogging or running, you can just walk and get your share of its health benefits.  It is the mildest and safest among the three.

Jogging is a tougher exercise which can be hard on your knees and the other parts of your body.  You can reduce the risk of jogging injury by opting for soft terrains like dirt or grass.  If these are not available, jogging on asphalt road can be a better alternative.  Just be sure that you are in perfect physical condition before you begin to jog.

2. Sit ups and Crunches

Sit ups and crunches are abdominal exercises that help to strengthen your core muscles and help your body to push the waste out of your digestive tract as quickly as possible.  Toxic wastes that remain in your digestive tract for long periods can lead to future health issues of the colon.  You should get rid of your body wastes as often as normally possible.

3. Yoga

Many people who practice yoga declare that this form of meditation helps to relieve them from stress, makes them more flexible and strengthens their abdominal muscles.

4. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an exercise that greatly enhances blood circulation and improves the functions of the various systems of the body including the digestive system.  It is also believed to cleanse the body’s major organs including the colon and the digestive tract.

5. Trampoline Jumping

The health benefits of trampoline jumping or rebounding include the strengthening of your core muscles and the improved performance of your major organs including the colon.  Aside from its health benefits, jumping on trampoline is one alternative to bring fun and excitement to your daily exercise routine.

These are the top five exercises that can help to cleanse your digestive tract and strengthen your core muscles.  Engage in these exercises and protect your colon from that deadly degenerative disease called cancer.


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