Energy is an essential element of survival. We need it to work so that we can sustain our need for food. Our bodies even use it in its digestion, absorption and metabolic processes. Energy is such an important aspect in the cycle of life that nothing can survive with it.

The modern world has introduced many things that require people to stay awake for long hours. These would need an added boost of energy as our bodies have limited staying power. When this happens, people would usually resort to caffeine and sugar-rich energy drinks to stay up and feel energized.

This approach of obtaining energy was embraced by people in the past two decades. But because of scientific findings that caffeine and sugar-packed energy drinks can cause energy crash after their temporary effects subside, health experts nowadays discourage their use. But they recommend something better. These are caffeine-free energy-boosting techniques that can help people feel extra energy without the energy crash.

Here are five ways to boost your energy without caffeine:

1. Breath of Fire

Breath of fire is a breathing technique used in yoga and it is designed to cleanse and energize your body.

2. Exercise

You expend energy when you exercise, yet it is a good way to get even energized even more. Exercise increases your body’s oxygen supply and it enhances circulation and blood flow. It makes you energized and physically and mentally alert.

3. Meditate

Meditation is one way to relax your body and to concentrate on areas that need psychological healing. It also helps relieve you of two of the most common factors that sap your energy: stress and anxiety.

Too many people feel weary and tired because they are living or working in a stressful environment. Stress that’s accumulated on a daily basis can take anyone down at some point. If he won’t stop for a while to release all the tensions that’s building up in him, chances are he will be drained of energy and chronic fatigue and lethargy will set in.

You can relieve yourself from stress by practicing meditation. It is a way to set you free from your psychological burdens. It is a relaxation technique that helps to balance your nervous and endocrine systems and it can give you a deeper sense of calm and greater energy.

4. Get sufficient sleep.

Lack of sleep is one of greatest factors of energy loss. Prolonged physical activity without getting enough sleep saps energy from your body and you are giving it time to recover. Your body replenishes lost energy when you sleep. You need to get enough sleep in order to obtain high energy levels to make your mind and body work efficiently.

5. Listen to high energy music

High energy music can help to boost your mood and energy. Listen to it to awaken your senses almost instantly.

These are some of the ways to boost your energy without the influence of caffeine and sugary energy drinks. You can apply these techniques to avoid the energy crash that is sure to take you down when their effects subside.