Lemon essential oil is oil extracted from the rind of the fresh lemon fruit.  This essential oil is known for its astringent, antibacterial, antiseptic and cleansing properties, and people use it for its ability to balance the sebum levels of the skin, to treat infections, to clear the skin for a clear, oil-free complexion.

But aside from being beneficial to the skin, lemon essential oil has plenty of other health benefits.  Its fresh scent is a great air freshener which is also believed to uplift mood and alleviate stress and anxiety.  Here are some of the other uses of lemon essential oil:

1. Add it to you water.

Lemon essential oil has alkalizing effects which can help to strengthen your immune system.  Adding a drop of this essential oil to your water helps to improve its flavor and provide you with health benefits.

But as a word of caution, not all essential oil brands are safe for internal use.  For your water, you need to use only the certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil because it’s safe. However, you should avoid giving it to children below six years old.

2. Use it for cleaning.

Lemon is also used for cleaning because of its fresh clean scent and antibacterial properties.  Many cleaning brands add lemon as one of their components.

Many housewives use lemon essential oil to clean their kitchen.

3. Add it to your sugar scrub.

One good way to care for your skin and to provide it with a safe cleansing benefit is to treat it with sugar body scrub fortified with lemon essential oil.

4. Use it to treat sore throat or cough.

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of lemon essential oil help to kill organisms that trigger sore throat, cough and cold.  A spoonful of honey laced with a drop of lemon can be a good remedy for these sicknesses.  Again, you should remember not to use essential oils internally on children below six years old.

5. You can also diffuse lemon essential oil in a room as freshener and air cleanser.  It also helps to uplift the mood of the room’s occupants.

6. Lemon essential oil is an effective sticker remover.  By dropping a few drops in the sticker area, you can easily remove stickers from glasses or any other surfaces.


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