It is not uncommon for homes to keep emergency kits handy for the treatment of simple medical conditions that might not necessitate professional help.

Some homes however, include the use of herbs for the treatment of minor conditions.  Minor illnesses are also known to respond well to common herbal cures, which offer lesser side effects.

For the immediate treatment of headaches, flu minor cuts or bruises and other simple ailments, your may want to try using common herbs and be amazed with their natural healing qualities.

In order to keep your home ready for any minor health conditions, try to keep these useful herbs handy:


Mint is a wonderful herb with many uses.  It is an energizing, refreshing herb which is also useful in making teas and as a breath freshener.  This herb is also known as a good digestive system conditioner which has the ability to alleviate gas pains and stomach aches.


Used in many Asian countries as morning beverage and a cooking ingredient, ginger has the ability to treat indigestion and the buildup of gas in the stomach.

Lemon balm

This herb has a calming effect and this has been used to treat insomnia and anxiety for ages.  It also has antiviral properties that help to heal fever, colds and flue in children.  This herb can also help in the treatment of insect bites and minor stomach disorders.


The chamomile contains calming qualities and it induces sleep.  Many people who believe in the healing powers of herbs use chamomile to treat anxiety and stress and calming effect.


This herb is not only good as an ingredient for cooking chicken, fish and stews; it is also an excellent remedy for stomach cramps and gas pains.

Other useful herbs include:

For the treatment of fever, coughs, sore throat and headaches,
angelica, echinacea, garlic, and lavender are among the best.

For insect bites, the most common herbs applied are basil and parsley, while skin rashes are treated with bay and elder.  Calendula is another excellent home remedy for cuts, bruises, diaper rash and minor skin issues.