To quickly make juicing a habit, be sure to place your juicing machine where you can see it and reach it at all times. When you notice the juicer sitting there unused, it may remind you of the wonderful benefits you are missing out on.

Don’t use fruits that are too sweet when you are making your own juice. Sugary fruits taste good, but they have a lot of sugar and can raise your blood sugar. Instead of sugary fruits, try juicing a few vegetables. It’s fine to mix in fruits occasionally, but it should not be done as a matter of course.

Always select the freshest fruits for making juice, as well as good quality vegetables. Produce that has been allowed to over ripen will not produce a lot of juice. Also, be sure to cut out any bruises in produce prior to juicing. The ensures that your juice always is of the highest quality.

Only use the sweetest and ripest apples for your apple juice. You can used bruised apples, just cut out the bruised parts. Apples like Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, and Rome have sweet tastes that lend themselves well to producing a rich, sweet, and flavorful juice.

Enjoy each drop of this juice. Make sure to get all the flavor possible out of your concoctions. Let saliva mix with your juice in order to begin digestion.

Are you out of ideas for new, fresh smoothies? Go to the nearest bookstore and find cookbooks of recipes, or look online. If you drink the same juice every day, you’re going to get bored. Vary your recipes to keep yourself interested.

As you see, there are many different ways to incorporate juicing into your daily diet. It can be a snack, a breakfast or a lifestyle. Your body can stay truly nourished by drinking fresh juice on a daily basis. Start improving your fitness with juicing today.