Music plays an important role in meditation. It can easily take you into a deep meditative state. But you have to know how to use it. The first step that you need to do to learn to use it is to know the different types of meditation music and their effect on you when you meditate.

Here are six types of meditation music you can use when you meditate:

1. Meditation Music for Light Relaxation

There are moments when you simply want to relax your mind without wanting to go into a deep meditative state. In this case, the meditation music that may suit you to relax your mind would be the “new age music.” This type of meditation music can help to relax your mind.

One thing that you need to know about new age music is that it is intended to be a bit more entertaining. It is therefore not suitable for use in deep meditation.

2. Soothing meditation music

Soothing meditation music is a slow moving, continuous music that does not contain vocal performances.

3. Sonic mantra meditation music

It is a specialized music that is used for deep meditation. It contains musical mantras that are made from different sounds or musical phrases that are repeated throughout the recording. This type of meditation music can easily bring you into a deep meditative state.

4. Binaural Music

This type of music is a product of two sounds with slightly different tones and frequencies that are played in harmony. Its sounds are heard separately in each ear. It contains binaural beats that can help to induce you into a deep state of relaxation.

5. Mindfulness Bells

Mindfulness bells are recordings that you can use for meditation, but they are not musical. They are known to be very effective in bringing people into a deeper sense of consciousness.

Here are some of the ways to use meditation music effectively:

1. Don’t play it too loud.

Meditation music is intended to help you relax and go into a deep meditative state quickly. You should not play it too loudly otherwise it can become a distraction instead. Use it as backdrop to your meditation. It can help to make your mind relax quickly.

2. Use headphones.

Using headphones is one of the best ways to listen to meditation music. It makes you feel like the music is coming from within your mind. It also helps to block external sounds which can distract you and prevent you from concentrating fully.

3. Choose the right music.

You should use the music that is suited to the degree of meditation that you intend to perform. If you want to meditate deeply, you should opt for sounds that are intended for it. Do not use the ones are too entertaining. They are intended for relaxation and not for deep meditation.

4. Use it to unwind.

You can also use relaxing music to unwind after a meditation session.

Music is a very effective tool that can help to take you into a deep meditative state. You can use it to take your meditation to a higher level.