You body needs multivitamins to take care of the nutritional deficiencies in your diet and to keep you healthy, energized and protected from diseases.

But there are people who overdo their health moves by taking too much vitamin supplements, thinking that it is not associated with any health risks.

Your body needs vitamin supplements or multivitamins for optimum health, that's for sure.  But there's a risk of vitamin overdose if you take them excessively and without regard to prescribed amounts.  They can even result in negative consequences to your health. 

Here's a list of vitamins that can be harmful when taken in excessive quantities.   

1. Vitamin A

Main Function: This vitamin works main to maintain eye health.  It also works to improve vision and keep your skin, hair, bones and teeth healthy. 

Required Daily Intake: 5,000 IU

Symptoms of Overdose: Symptoms of vitamin A overdose include Vision impairment, fatigue, diarrhea, hair loss, menstruation problems and liver problems.

2. Vitamin B6 also known as Pyridoxin

Main Function:  The primary function of vitamin B6 is the production of red blood cells.  It also aids in the body's metabolic process and keep your blood in good health.

Required Daily Intake: 2 milligrams

Symptoms of Overdose: Depression, general fatigue, loss of sensation in the hands and feet, headaches.

3. Vitamin C

Main Function: To maintain the health of the immune system, cleanse the body from free radicals, prevent cancer and produce collagen.

Required Daily Intake: 60 milligrams

Symptoms of Overdose: Headache, hot flashes, general fatigue and insomnia.

4. Calcium

Main Function: To maintain bone health and to help the body producing hormones and to maintain the body's enzyme interaction.

Required Daily Intake: 1,000 milligrams

Symptoms of Overdose: General fatigue, kidney stones, slow nerve functions.

4. Vitamin D

Main Function: To maintain bone strength and oral health, aids in the body's efficient absorption of calcium.

Required Daily Intake: 400 IU

Symptoms of Overdose: General weakness, nausea, high blood pressure, headaches, hearing problems and increased cholesterol levels.

5. Vitamin E

Main Function: Promote the health of red blood cells, aids in the body's metabolic processes, promotes skin health.

Required Daily Intake: 30 IU

Overdose Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, high blood pressure, increased blood clots, slow healing process.

6. Iron

Main Function: Helps in the body's metabolic processes, promotes the body's production of neuro transmitters, helps in promoting healthy blood.

Required Daily Intake:   men: 8 Milligrams
                       women: 18 milligrams

Symptoms of Overdose: Heart problems, liver damage, constipation, complications in the pancreas.

7. Vitamin B3 also known as Niacin

Main Function: Promotes the health of the digestive system and nerve system and the skin, helps to provide the body with energy.

Required Daily Intake:   men: 16 milligrams
                       women: 14 milligrams

Symptoms of Overdose: Gout, liver problems, high blood sugar, irregular heartbeats.

8. Selenium

Main Function: Promotes thyroid health and proper hormone production and functioning.

Required Daily Intake: 150 micrograms

Symptoms of Overdose: Weakness, nausea, loss of fingernails and toenails.

9. Zinc

Main Function: Promotes health of the immune system and normal activity of enzymes, helps in the normal physical development and facilitates healing of the body from injuries.

Required Daily Intake:   men: 11 milligrams
                       women: 8 milligrams

Symptoms of Overdose: Loss of muscle control, abnormal shaking of hands, speech problems.


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