Happiness is a state of mind characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, success or joy.  It is everyone's ultimate goal in life but it is hard to achieve especially that the world is filled with different kinds of personalities and beliefs.   

The pursuit of happiness is a never ending trail. But people keep on following that path in the hope of finding the feeling that they so desire. 

Happiness in itself is a goal, but it can bring a lot of benefits to make your life even better.  Here are some of the rewards of happiness that you will surely love to experience:

1. Successful Relationships

According to studies, happy people are more successful in their relationship with their loved ones, friends and co-workers.  Happy people possess a healthy and balanced state of mind.  It gives them a higher tolerance to anger and sorrow.  It also enables them to have a healthy disposition and outlook.  These qualities make happy people good to be with.

2. Long Life

Long lives are one of the returns that people can get for being happy, the Mayo clinic says. 

3. Professional Success

Happy people are more productive and the quality of their finished work is high.  They are self-motivated and they have higher tolerance to work-related stress.

Happy individuals are also known to be good performers and they stay in the company for a long time.  

4. Greater Coping Ability

Coping can be a difficult task for people who are struggling to be happy.  But it would not be as challenging for happy individuals.  Studies show that happy people are more flexible and they can easily cope with the different scenarios of life, work and relationships.   Their positive outlook is their most effective tool for seeing situations in a rational way.

Anger, sadness, anxiety and fear are human emotions that can drain you of physical and mental energy. These are normal and they are part of your survival instincts.  But indulging with them for too long can be harmful to your physical and mental health. 

You need to be happy.  It can help to make you reap the rewards which can bring you more and more happiness.


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