Although the world has become wild and noisy with its advanced technology that worship speed, many people still appreciate and treasure silence, inner peace and the time to be alone to reflect.

All of these can be achieved through meditation, the practice of looking inward in concentrated focus or serious reflection, with the object of reaching inner peace, to reduce stress and relax.

Both healthy and sick people benefit from this practice, and those who meditate regularly have manifested less anxiety and depression.  They also tend to develop an appreciation for life as well as they show emotional stability.  People who meditate develop the sense of acceptance of self and circumstances.  This helps them to improve their relationship with self and other creatures.

Here are some of the benefits meditation can bring to your life:

1. It reduces stress

Meditation works like an anesthetic that helps us to "switch off" from the factors and elements that cause us to worry.  Spending 15 minutes by ourselves in quiet contemplation relaxes our mind and body.

2.  It promotes good health

With a big chunk of stress taken out from your daily life, meditation rewards you with a healthy mind and body which often translates to a healthy heart. 

Many studies suggest that the significant decrease in stress and anxiety that results from meditation is beneficial to your health.  The studies further relate that there is a close relationship between our state of mind and our physical well-being.  It also said that in most cases, physical ailments are manifestations of inner problems – problems caused by stress.

3. It gives us the ability to control our mind

The regular practice of meditation gives us the ability to control our minds which are sometimes filled with negativity. By controlling our thoughts, we can achieve peace of mind and avoid getting stressed in the process.

4. It gives us peace of mind

Meditation teaches us peace of mind by because it gives us the ability to focus on calming thoughts.  It helps us to avoid focusing on negative things that happen around us.  Meditation is a way to find happiness within.

5.  It improves our power to concentrate

In any human endeavor, concentration is the main factor that can call on our best potential.  It is that something that brings out the energy, focus, sharpness and accuracy within us.  The regular practice of meditation improves our power to concentrate.


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