Vitamins and minerals are essential elements that we all need for daily energy, nutrition and lasting health. But since the body can’t manufacture vitamins by itself, we need to take them from natural food sources.

We are not really sure that we are taking the complete line of essential vitamins from the foods we eat. It is therefore important for us to take multivitamin supplements to augment our diets. This will help to ensure that we are getting the complete vitamins and minerals to keep us physically and mentally alert day after day.

Vitamin supplements are distributed in two forms. One is the liquid form and the other is available in pill form. Both are beneficial and intended for the same purpose, but one is certainly better than the other in a lot of ways.

Liquid vitamins are popular especially among parents who are taking care of little children. But its use is not limited to toddlers because more and more adults have come to appreciate its advantage over the pill.

Here are the pros and cons of liquid vitamins:

The Pros

1. They are easier to swallow than the pill.

Parents use liquid vitamins on their children because they are easy to swallow. A growing number of adults take liquid vitamins to avoid the risk of choking from pills.

2. They are easily and quickly absorbed by the body.

Liquid vitamins do not require digestion because of their fluid state. The process of absorption starts right at the moment it is swallowed, and its effect is almost immediate.

Taking liquid vitamins works well for people who are on the move. It’s almost instantaneous effect also helps fortify the resistance of people who are infected with minor illnesses such as colds or flu.

3. You need to take them only once a day.

Some pill vitamins need to be taken three times a day, but you need to take their liquid counterparts in just a single dose daily. This can translate to some savings on cost. Lesser doses also help to keep people with sensitive stomachs away from stomach trouble.

The Cons

1. They are more expensive than vitamins in pill form.

Liquid vitamins are sold in bottles and you have to buy the entire package to get it. Some pills are sold in pieces and you can buy a few if your budget is limited. But if the pill you’re taking has to be taken three times a day, you might be able to save a little if you take the liquid form because you need to take it only once per day.

2. Some people find their taste unappealing.

Some people prefer to take pill vitamins because they find the taste of liquid vitamins awful.

These are some of the most common pros and cons of liquid vitamins. Taking vitamin supplements has become a necessity nowadays. Whether you prefer to take it in liquid or pill form doesn’t really matter. The most important thing that you need to consider is the benefits that vitamins can deliver to give you a healthy body and a good life.


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