The company of other people influences our behavior, attitude and thought processes.  Their influence makes up more than 50 percent of what we are.  Our ways, knowledge, beliefs, principles, accomplishments and failures were all shaped with the effect other people had in our lives.

Living alone is not an option as well as it's impossible; and people who spend time together for long periods unknowingly cast a spell on each other by way of influencing each other's thoughts and actions.

If you are in a company of friends who continually whine and complain about anything, chances are your persona will be engulfed with negative energy which has the power to transform you into a negative person if you're not one already.

Observe your friends.  If their language and actions exhaust you rather than refresh you with energy, it may be time to find new ones.

Gauge each one of your friends and feel their power to energize you and make you happy when you're in their company.

Stay with the ones who have the positive outlook, spend more time with them and look for more who can influence you with their positive attitude.  Ask your neutral friends to join you in the company of positive people, but avoid those who look at anything as a big mistake.  They can't do anything positive in their lives as well as yours.

If you have accomplished a difficult task which would have been impossible were it not for friends who helped and supported you all the way, you're in the company of positive people. 

A person surrounded by positive people is lucky indeed to be with them, because the power of positive people can do wonders to a person's well being and self-confidence. 

Their power to cheer you up and feed you with some extra energy is a source of strength, an inspiration; and the kind of strength and determination that you will develop to help you realize your dreams and pass the energy to others to help them succeed.


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