There is another energy-sapping factor that is sure to affect you physically and mentally: High credit card debt.

A study conducted by the Ohio State University found that people who reported higher levels of stress about their credit card debt showed lower levels of energy and increased levels of physical impairment than those who have less or no debt at all.

The study also shows that high credit card debt play a strong and relevant role in a person's loss of energy and worsening health.

Worry about paying bills and rising credit card debt can get you.  The amount of energy you lose by worrying about them can take you down somehow.  Not only does it jeopardize your physical and mental health, it also damages your financial position and credit reputation.

And the worst part is you have to pay for it not only with money, but also with your health and well-being.

The best and only way to rid yourself of the credit card debt problem is to lose the debt once and for all. Find a way to save on whatever cost you can, like trading in your car every six to eight years instead of the usual two to five years periods that most people do.

You can also avoid unnecessary or extra expenses by cooking at home instead of dining out.  This is also beneficial to you in some way because you can control the ingredients, which eventually goes into your body.

Buy only the things you need, not the things you want.  Buying only the things you need optimizes your money's worth and spares you from overspending; but buying anything you want can almost always lead you to spend beyond your limits – this is where debt begins.

So stop buying things you don't need right now.  Buying something you don't need while telling yourself it would be your last is a crap that won't work.

If you have the compulsion to buy or indulge in credit card debt, you need help.  Go to a debt counselor or other professional who can offer you some sound advice.  Avoid visiting places, websites or television channels that tempt you to spend your money unwisely.  Remember, the only thing that holds the key to keep all your money and credit reputation in a safe place is Self Control.

Once you have stopped your buying habit, fill the vacuum it left with a worthwhile activity that you enjoy, like an old habit which might include exercising, painting, gardening or cooking.   These are guaranteed to give you a positive energy, which in turn will reward you with physical, mental and financial health.


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