Passion is the presence of an intense desire for something.  It is an innate motivator.  A source of energy, the fuel that drives one to achieve the object of his/her desire – not for money or prestige but more of getting the mere gratification for doing it.

But sometimes passion can lead people to excellence which gives them the money and prestige they never imagined.  These are not the main reasons for their obsession about the thing they love to do; these are just byproducts of their dedication, hardwork and relentless practice that eventually made them the master of what they do.

But even if you won’t excel in a particular field, as long as you’re doing it with intense desire and great satisfaction, you are still motivated by passion.

You might have lots of energy outside of the workplace, but if you just seem tired when you’re at work, chances are you’re working on something you’re not passionate about.  Spending 40 hours a week feeling weary because you’re doing something you don’t like is a waste of time because your energy is not released and it does not make you productive at all.

Finding a job that’s in line with what you love gives you a sense of direction.  Knowing your purpose gives you a feeling of control over what you want to achieve.  This makes you productive, happy and full of energy and enthusiasm to accomplish your tasks.

Doing what you love makes your life meaningful. It makes you fulfilled as a person and most importantly, you’re enjoying what you’re doing.  It is the best energy boosting, stress relieving activity one can do with his life.

The first thing to do if you discover that you have a passion early in life is to ensure that you and your passion are compatible in order to ensure that aside from the fulfillment you get from doing it, it can also serve you well later when the right time comes.  A young boy who doesn’t have the potential to grow more than 5’0″ is not likely to reap the fruits of his passion if his obsession is basketball, a game of giants.

Passion can work miracles if it is guided with sound advice.  This gives a person the chance to reap the fruits of his hardwork, dedication, sacrifice and energy.