This is the seventh of a 14-part series that covers the negative effects of low self-esteem.

In this article, we will try to uncover another aspect of our being that can prevent us from enjoying our social lives.


Shyness refers to the awkwardness, apprehension or uncomfortable feeling that some people experience when approaching or getting approached by other people. Most shy people have a strong desire to connect with others, only they feel anxious when they attempt to interact with other people.

Shyness is not a thing to be ashamed of.  Each one of us, even the most confident people, has experienced being shy at some point in our lives.  But being social, it's hard for us to live with this condition throughout our lives.  We need to overcome shyness in order to build rapport and be comfortable in the presence of other people.

Shyness is an energy sapper that robs you of your ability to enjoy social life.  You should do something to eliminate it.
Here are some of the ways to overcome shyness:

1. Build Self confidence and self-esteem.

Build confidence by asserting yourself and being less concerned of what people think.  Other people's opinions about yourself are just opinions. 

If you care too much about what other people think, you will become more conscious of your actions and you will not be projecting the real you.  You can be confident by accepting who you are without being ashamed to show it to other people.  This can help to take your shyness away.

2. Relax when you are in a social situation.

Shyness can cause you to become tense when you are in the face of a social situation.  Learn to be calm in these circumstances by taking deep breaths.  Relax your muscles and your mind and focus on your breath.  This will help to keep you aware of the present moment and make you feel more confident.

3. Be open to compliments.

Learn to receive compliments as a natural process.  You should always remember that like other people, you also possess good qualities and you should be thankful that other people see it in you. Count your blessings.

4. Practice being confident.

Learn to behave in a confident way by practicing in private.  Always try to assume a confident posture.  Practice walking confidently and speaking firmly at home.  Develop this habit and you'll be surprised to find yourself behaving confidently in public.  Remember, shyness and lack of self-esteem are mere states of mind and you have the power to turn them around.

5. Always look your best.

One way to feel great is to look great.  Boost your self confidence by looking your best. 

6. Learn from others.

You can learn to overcome shyness by observing how strangers and acquaintances relate to each other.

7. Smile.

You can reduce your shyness by painting a smile on your face. This can make you look relaxed, friendly and approachable.  People respond to it in a positive way.

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