A mind-body exercise is defined as physical exercise routine which is done with a strong sense of focus with the use of four of the six Pilates principles which are breathing, precision, control and concentration.

In order to make things clear, mind-body exercises are different from meditation relaxation exercises.  It is the type of exercise which is aimed to uphold a person's physical well-being by doing exact movements that control and balance his own body-weight.

Two examples of mind-body exercises that can trigger the flow of energy in the body are Yoga and Taichi.


Yoga is an ancient Indian science which aims to unite the mind, body and spirit.  Being practiced for thousands of years, its principles, which are composed mostly of ancient theories, have been proven by modern medicine to be beneficial to human health by way of its physiological, psychological and biochemical effects.

This ancient exercise which is intended to release the tensions in the body, can restore calmness to the nervous system and uplift the practicing person's emotional state.  This is done through stretching, focused breathing and doing gentle movements which ultimately relieve stress and restores energy to the body.

Yoga also enhances concentration as it promotes healing and flexibility. According to people who practice the exercise, it is very effective that they experienced feeling a calm energy right after their very first yoga session.

According to Indian researchers, people who perform yoga on a regular basis are more resistant to fatigue and stress than people who don't practice it.

You might want to try yoga at home by purchasing a beginner's yoga DVD.

Tai Chi or Qi Gong

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are traditional Chinese mind-body exercises aimed at reducing stress by promoting serenity through gentle movements, meditation and breath control.

The benefits of Tai Chi, which is described by practitioners as "meditation in motion," include the improved flow of vital energy in the body, better circulation and a stronger immune system.  It is the most widely practiced mind-body exercise in the world with over 200 million people practicing it daily in China alone.  It is also a type of mind-body exercise that is applicable to people of all ages because of its gentle flowing movements that anybody from the very young to the very old can do.

If you think Tai Chi might be good for you, you can try it by buying a DVD for your home use.

Mind-body exercises are natural forms of stress relieving techniques which are composed of fun activities that improve a person's sense of well-being.

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