If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine or if you are fond of dining out in Chinese restaurants, there's a big probability that you are consuming monosodium glutamate (MSG) in excessive quantities.  

MSG is a food seasoning which is very common all over the world.  It is used most especially by restaurants to enhance food flavor, but it can be hazardous to your health if taken on a regular basis.  Many homeowners who have realized the negative effects of MSG to health have banned the use of this food enhancer in their kitchens.

Here are the top five health risks of monosodium glutamate:

1.  It can contribute to brain damage

Aside from its effect on food, MSG is also an excitotoxin which mingles with your blood.  As the MSG-contaminated blood goes to your brain, it stimulates your brain cells to send signals that what you are eating is delicious.  This creates further craving for MSG-laced foods which leads to overstimulation, exhaustion and death of your brain cells.

2. It can cause obesity

Again, this has something to do with excitotoxin which is the primary culprit of a person's addiction to MSG rich roods.  Once a person becomes addicted to MSG, his cravings for MSG rich foods grow stronger and this compels him to eat more.  This can lead to weight gain and obesity if the MSG addiction is not addressed properly.

MSG is the scientists' favorite chemical when they want to induce weight gain in laboratory animals.

3. It can contribute to ADD and ADHD in children

The negative effect of excitotoxins can not be underestimated as it can contribute to attention deficiency disorder and attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder in children.  According to research, even pregnant mothers who consume monosodium glutamate as a regular ingredient of their diet can pass on the negative effects of excitotoxins to their unborn children.

As a precaution, parents should ban the use of MSG in their homes.  This is to ensure that everyone in the family, including children and unborn fetuses, are not affected by its brain-damaging effects.

4. It is the primary cause of the Chinese food syndrome

The Chinese food syndrome is a reaction which is manifested by excessive sweating, a feeling of numbness in the mouth, chest pain, abnormal heart palpitation, headache and fatigue.  These symptoms usually happen after you eat foods which are rich in MSG.  MSG is very common in Chinese foods.  It is the reason why its effect is called Chinese food syndrome.


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