Vitamin B9, which also called folate or folic acid, is one of the eight B vitamins which the body uses to convert food into fuels that your body needs to produce energy. It is an important part of your daily diet as it plays a big role in keeping you healthy and protected from certain diseases.

A deficiency in vitamin B9 or folic acid could result in anemia, memory growth, limited brain and nerve growth, memory loss, weakness, tongue soreness, and skin cracking. In many cases, prolonged lack of vitamin B9 in your diet may lead to serious problems that include birth defects, bowel cancer, heart palpitations, infertility, osteoporosis, and sterility.

These deficiency symptoms only prove the importance of folic acid to our bodies. We should strive to make vitamin B9 part of our daily diet.

Here are some of the most important health benefits of vitamin B9:

1. It helps to prevent heart disorders.

Vitamin B9 plays an important role in the normal functioning of your heart. Its ability to remove hemocysteine and control the accumulation of cholesterol in the heart is one of its most important contributions to a healthy heart. Hemocysteine and cholesterol are two of the major causes of heart attack.

2. It helps to prevent stroke.

Stroke is another health risk that hemocysteine can bring. It is a fatal disorder that affects the brain. It can also lead to the weakening of bones which can increase your risk to fractures. The ability of vitamin B9 to control the amount or hemocystein in the body helps to lessen your risk to stroke.

3. It helps to lower your risk from cancer.

Many medical and health and nutrition experts consider folate as an agent in preventing certain forms of cancer such as cervical cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer.

4. It helps to prevent pregnancy disorders and birth defects.

Vitamin B9 works to protect pregnant mothers from pregnancy disorders. It also helps to protect unborn babies from birth defects. A deficiency of this vitamin is one of the most common causes of birth defects.

5. It plays an important role in the growth and development of healthy muscles.

Vitamin B9 is an effective muscle builder. It works to develop your muscle tissues and keep them healthy.

6. It is an important component in cell formation and repair.

Vitamin B9 plays a vital role in the formation of red blood cells. It is also needed for the formation and repair of cells in your body, especially the ones that make up your skin and the lining in your small intestine.

7. It helps to treat anxiety and depression.

Folate is a strong contributor to the improvement of your mood and it helps to effectively alleviate depression and anxiety. It also helps to treat mental and emotional disorders.

These are some of the most common health benefits of folate of vitamin B9. You can obtain this essential substance from natural food sources like liver, green vegetables, cheese, mushrooms, beans, cauliflower, bananas, peas, brown rice and oranges.


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