Massage is a natural therapy that has benefited man for hundreds of years. It provides relief by increasing blood flow, reducing stress and relaxing tense muscles.

There are lots of discomforts that can be healed without the use of prescription drugs. Drugs are good, but being overly dependent on them might affect some of our major organs like the liver and kidney. So, if there’s a way to treat minor discomforts like muscle tensions and joint pains, natural remedies like massage and aromatherapy could be a safe, relaxing and effective alternative.

Modern massage is performed by skilled and experienced massage therapists. Licensed practitioners are even required to take numerous courses in order to qualify for a licensure examination.

But it doesn’t imply that unlicensed people are not allowed to perform it. Those courses and licensure tests are made to prove that that massage therapy is acknowledged by authorities and it is a serious and legitimate profession.

Here are some of the health benefits of therapeutic massage:

1. It helps to release suppressed emotions.

You may not have known this, but there are many instances of people getting emotionally charged during massage therapy sessions, and they become angry or sad for little or no apparent reason.

This is triggered by the release of pent up emotions. It is hard to explain why but the therapeutic massage has just helped a person feel more relaxed after his suppressed feelings are let loose.

2. It helps to reduce inflammation.

People who are engaged in sports or athletic competitions do frequent workouts and subject their muscles, joints, tendons and bones to extraordinary pressure. These can sometimes cause inflammation and soreness and could lead to injury. By massaging affected areas on a regular basis, inflammation and joint pains are avoided.

3. It helps to improve circulation.

Age affects the overall performance of the body, and one of them is reduced blood flow. This condition can be manifested by the look of the skin.

Therapeutic massage is one of the most effective natural ways to restore normal circulation. The increased blood flow revitalizes the cells of your entire body and brings back vitality and vigor to senior citizens.

The improved circulation resulting from the massage makes people physically and mentally alert, and it also reduces joint pains due to arthritis.

4. It helps to relieve water retention and cramping in women during their premenstrual cycle.

Results of a study conducted by the Touch Research Institute (TRI) in Miami shows that massage can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety, pain, water retention and depression in women who are diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PDD), a more severe form of PMS.

Therapeutic massage is a natural approach to treat muscle and joint pains. It is not meant to replace modern medicine as a treatment, but it is a holistic approach to maintain health.