Taking the stairs is a modern health-giving exercise that many people neglect.

If you are working in an office that require you to take a flight of stairs, you should take it as a chance to perform exercise without having to set a special schedule to perform it, because you are required to report to your office every working day.

There are many health benefits of taking the stairs. Some of them are:

1. It promotes longevity.

The high that you get out of climbing stairs is just a minor benefit compared to the real returns that you will enjoy from stair climbing.

One of the most beneficial effects is its ability to reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. According to a study conducted by the Harvard University, climbing eight flights of stairs everyday could reduce people’s death rate by 32 percent.

Another good thing about taking the stairs regularly is its ability to boost leg power and overall energy. It helps to boost stamina and makes people resistant to stress. The enhanced oxygenation of the blood that stair climbers experience everyday is one factor that helps to bring their cells into good condition, and it would result in good overall health and long life.

2. It helps to save you money on medication.

One of the direct benefits of stair climbing is its ability to control your weight and reduce the cholesterol levels in your body, lower blood pressure and increase your lung’s capacity to provide oxygen to your heart and other major organs of your body. This could translate to better health and protection or resistance from sicknesses and infections.

When you spend lesser time feeling sick, you will also spend less money for medical expenses. You can save much and earn much if you are healthy. Health is wealth indeed.

By opting for the stairs instead of elevators, you can avoid lots of diseases that are related to high cholesterol, obesity, sugar, degeneration and many more. The list of diseases that the daily exercise of taking stairs help to prevent include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, infertility and erectile dysfunction, osteoarthritis, breast cancer, back problems, skin problems and many more. You can just imagine how much you are going to spend if you happen to suffer any of these maladies.

But thanks to the stairs than can help to protect you from these ailments. Taking the stairs is an investment that doesn’t cost you a dime.


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