Selenium is a trace mineral found in water, soil, and some plants. The body requires it to get energized and to function normally.

A deficiency of this trace mineral is rare but some of its manifestations include fatigue and muscular weakness. An oversupply of selenium on the other hand, can cause nervousness, nausea, vomiting, depression, baldness and bad odor of the fingernails.

Here are some of the health benefits of selenium:

1. It helps to nourish your thyroid glands.

Selenium is an important component for the health and nourishment of your thyroid glands. It helps to regulate the secretion of thyroid hormones, and it stimulates the production of T3 hormone which is the most active form of thyroid hormone in the body.

2. It helps to reduce the risk of joint inflammation.

Selenium works to reduce oxidative stress around the joints. This will result in the reduced risk of inflammation. Selenium deficiency is one of the contributing causes of rheumatoid arthritis and the deterioration of joint tissues.

3. It helps to prevent cancer.

According to the World Health Foods website, selenium may play an active part in the preventing cancer by supporting DNA repair and synthesis in damaged cells. This can help to prevent the growth of cancer cells. The website added that selenium may play a role in inducing cancer cells to self destruct. This process is called apoptosis. The body uses it as a self-destruct mechanism to eliminate abnormal cells.

4. It helps to stimulate antibodies.

Selenium may help to stimulate antibodies after a person gets vaccinated. Antibodies are your body’s defenses against infectious organisms.

These are some of the known health benefits of selenium. You can get selenium from natural food sources which include beef, broccoli, brown rice, fish, egg, ham, lobster, mushroom, oyster, and tuna.


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