Rose oil is an essential oil extracted from fresh roses through the process of distillation. Aside from its fragrance, this volatile oil is also credited for its soothing, antiseptic properties. It is also known for its ability to provide moisture to the skin.

According to aromatherapy experts, the benefits of rose oil are not limited to perfumery and skin care. It is also used to improve circulation and to strengthen the immune system. It can help to relieve depression and ease the tension of aching muscles.

Here are some of the most popular health benefits of rose oil:

1. Its sweet aroma is very useful in several aromatherapy applications.

Rose oil has a delicate sweet scent that is very effective when used in baths and massages. Aromatherapy practitioners rub rose oil onto the skin of their patients to stimulate the nerves, muscles and other organs.

Rose oil is also believed to have properties that are able to balance the hormones of women, regulate their period and improve their fertility.

When used in baths, rose oil, which disperses quickly in bath water and into the air, produces a soothing effect that makes a person relax.

2. It helps to respiratory and lung problems.

Rose oil is also known for its ability to alleviate respiratory problems like asthma, coughs, congestion and fever. Aromatherapy practitioners apply this by putting three to five drops of rose oil into a large bowl of near-boiling water. The blend will release vapors that people suffering from lung or throat problems can inhale for relief.

3. It helps to relieve skin irritations.

One of the most popular health benefits of rose oil is its ability to alleviate skin irritation and inflammation. You can also use it as an added ingredient to a topical cream that you have purchased, if you don’t have a rose oil-containing lotion at hand yet. To do this, simply add two drops of rose oil to your facial cream before applying it.

According to, rose oil helps to treat skin infections including eczema and herpes.

4. It helps to relieve pain.

Practitioners of aromatherapy use rose oil in hot or cold compress to treat pain associated with sprains, cramps, swellings. They do it by adding four to six drops of rose oil to hot or cold water then they dip a cloth or small face towel into the water, squeeze out the excess fluid and apply the compress directly to the affected area.

The rose is famous for its beauty and aroma. But it is also able to produce an essential oil that is beneficial to mankind in a lot of ways.


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