Orange essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy today.  It is extracted from the peels and rinds of the orange fruit by means of cold compression.

The plant that bears the orange fruit where the oil is extracted from is called Citrus sinensis.

The essential oil of orange has many domestic, industrial and medicinal uses.  Some of its health benefits include:

1. It helps to provide quick relief from inflammation.

Orange essential oil contains anti inflammatory properties.  These make it an effective treatment for internal and external inflammation due to fever, infections, ingestion of toxic substances, or side effects of antibiotics.

2. It helps to provide relief from stress and depression.

The essential oil has a very sweet aroma which stimulates the mind to think happy and relaxing thoughts.  It also helps to improve your mood and give you a happy feeling.

3. It helps to alleviate spasms.

Orange essential oil has the ability to alleviate muscular and nervous spasms.  These can contribute to a lot of health problems such as continuous coughs, muscle cramps, convulsions and severe diarrhea.

4. It helps to cure loss of sex drive.

This essential oil is believed to contain aphrodisiac properties which help to cure impotence in men and frigidity in women.

5. It helps to prevent microbial growth in wounds and cuts.

It has antiseptic properties which help to prevent microbial growth in wounds and cuts.  This helps to make it effective in protecting you from bacterial infections.

6. It helps to eliminate gas pains.

Orange essential oil has carminative properties which help to eliminate gas from the intestine.

Gas is not a serious discomfort, but you should not ignore it because it can trigger indigestion, high blood pressure, stomach aches and worse, heart complications.

The essential oil of orange can set you free from this malady by relaxing your abdominal and anal muscles.  This will give way for the gases to escape.

7. It promotes urination to rid your body of toxic wastes.

The diuretic properties of orange essential oil help to stimulate urination.  This will facilitate the excretion of toxic body wastes such as uric acid, bile, excess salts and water.

8. It helps to make you relax naturally.

This essential oil contains sedative properties which can help to relieve you when you’re depressed, angry, anxious or suffering from inflammation.  This natural therapy helps to keep you away from artificial sedatives which can be harmful to your internal organs.

9. It helps to boost immunity to keep you protected from infections and diseases.

These are some of the health benefits of orange essential oil.  It is not known to have harmful side effects, but it has a tendency to cause sun sensitivity.

Aromatherapists also say that this essential oil tastes bitter if taken in excess quantities.  This can lead to vomiting, loss of appetite and other effects.


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