Olive oil is an essential oil which is obtained by grinding whole fruits of olive tree, a plant native to the Mediterranean region. It is traditionally used in cooking and as fuel for ancient oil lamps, but it later found its way into cosmetic products, soaps and pharmaceutical supplements.

Aside from its use in cooking, olive oil is also known to have beneficial properties.  Some of the health benefits of olive oil include:

1. It helps to lower bad cholesterol levels.

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants which work to minimize oxidation due to low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol.  LDL is one of the main causes of strokes and heart attacks.

2. It helps to promote weight loss.

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which do not trigger weight gain.  Medical experts recommend the use of olive oil for cooking the foods of weight conscious people.

3. It helps to improve bone and brain development in children.

Olive oil is also known to help in the proper growth of bone structure as well as the development of the brain of children.  It is also an abundant source of vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant that helps to nourish the skin and prevent premature aging.

4. It helps to improve digestion.

Olive oil is traditionally used to cleanse the digestive tract and to improve bowel movement.

5. It helps to provide youth and nourishment to the skin.

Being rich in powerful antioxidants, olive oil helps to nourish your skin and to keep it young looking.  It works to slow down the natural aging process – one of the main reasons why olive oil is used as a component of cosmetic products and natural herbal therapy.

6. It helps to prevent cancer.

The acidic value and the antioxidants present in olive oil are the main substances that make it a good agent in preventing the growth of cancer cells, especially bowel cancer.

These are some of the health benefits of olive oil.  It is available in different flavors, aroma, acidic value and color.  For best results, you should use authentic olive oils.  They come with proper evaluation that best serves your intent and purpose.


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