Early morning jogs are one of the most popular exercises anywhere in the world today.  Many people including students, professionals, athletes, and employees prefer to start their day with this early morning exercise because it gives them an atmosphere of silence, the air is fresh, and it is the time that one can be alone with himself.

There is peace and quiet when you jog early in the morning.  It is a time that you can be alone with yourself, feeling every breath you take and being thankful for what you have.  It’s a time to start your day with renewed energy and vitality.

Jogging is a cheap yet healthy exercise.  It doesn’t require any form of expertise and complex equipment.  All you need is a pair of comfortable running shoes and you are ready to go.

Here are some of the health benefits of early morning jogs:

1. It promotes proper breathing.

Early morning is the best time to jog because it’s quiet, cool, and the air is fresh and clean as the city is just beginning to wake up to prepare for its business activities.

Silence can help you to focus on your breathing because you can actually hear yourself inhale and exhale.  If you are suffering from some kind of respiratory problem that worsens with heat, an early morning jog can help you to achieve your exercise needs without going through your respiratory difficulty.

2. It promotes better circulation.

When you jog early in the morning, you are taking in fresh oxygen that helps to improve circulation and oxygenation of the blood in your body.  The proper distribution of oxygenated blood to the cells translates to good physical and mental health.

Jogging also helps to develop and strengthen your heart muscles.  It can help to make you resistant to heart ailments and cardiovascular diseases.

3. It promotes proper metabolism.

Jogging can help to improve the metabolic functions of your body.  It is the reason why many people who want maintain their weight or shed excess pounds jog early in the morning.  Early morning jogs is also proven to be more effective in weight loss programs than dieting.  Just be sure to maintain proper nutrition by eating fruits and vegetables.  It would be useless to jog while you are consuming fats and too much sugary foods at the same time.

4. It helps to boost concentration.

Early morning jogs help to fill your body and brain with oxygenated blood which energizes your body and brain cells.  This translates to enhanced physical and mental alertness, increased ability to concentrate and a relaxed mind.

Aside from its psychological benefits, jogging can also stimulate your body to release endorphins.  These are feel good hormones that can lift up your mood, give you natural high, relieve you from stress, and give you a healthy sense of well-being.


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