Dancing is the rhythmic movement of the body to music. It is an art and a form of self expression which is used to entertain people.

But more than anything else, dancing is a great way for people to stay in shape. It is fun, healthy and it exercises your mind and body.

Here are some of the major health benefits you can get from dancing:

1. It makes your body flexible

Having a very flexible body is a sign of good physical health. As dance is about grace, timing and coordination, it requires great flexibility.

Dancing is already a good exercise by itself. But the good thing about it is it involves several warm up and stretching exercises before you actually engage in your dance activities. It trains your muscles to reach a certain point of flexibility to enable you to perform the stretches and bends that the dances require.

2. It strengthens your muscles

Dancing involves a lot of complex moves which require strength. Some dancing styles such as jazz and ballet require a dancer to jump high into the air. Some dances also require a male dancer to lift his partner above his head.

Strength is something which is naturally developed when you dance. It makes your muscles resist against your own body weight.

3. It builds stamina

Dancing is just like jogging and aerobics. It’s a physical activity that builds stamina and endurance. Engaging in physical exercises like dancing and running on a regular basis increases the capacity of your muscles to work longer without getting tired.

It also helps to make your heart muscles stronger. This enables your heart to pump blood into your body with less effort. Dancing makes you inhale more oxygen. This makes your blood cells healthy which is good for your immune system. It also helps to make your mind alert because of the abundance of oxygenated blood supplied by your heart to your brain.

4. It helps to develop a healthy sense of well-being

Social activities have a strong impact on a person’s sense of self-worth. Dancing is a social exercise. It opens plenty of opportunities for you to socialize with friends and meet different people. It helps you to develop self confidence and some social skills. It has the ability to remove stress and give you a sense of well-being. Join a dance class and see how it turns you into a better person.


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