Crying is the shedding of tears as a person’s response to an emotional state. It is a condition in which you release negative emotions to gain relief.

Crying is the body’s natural response to handle undesirable feelings such as fear or distress. It is a healthy response which helps to keep your mind and body in its normal shape and form.

Here are some of the benefits crying can bring to your health:

1. It reduces stress

Stress is the cause of many unpleasant feelings and physical discomforts. It affects a person’s judgment and behavior. It causes the buildup of harmful chemicals in the body.

Crying can help to reduce stress. Just like sweating, it also helps to remove the chemicals that accumulate in the body due to stress. Holding back your tears when you are sad only increases your stress levels. It may lead to other health problems such as high blood pressure and heart ailments.

2. It enhances mood

Crying is an emotional response which stimulates your endocrine glands to release endorphins to make you feel good. It is nature’s way of helping you to stabilize your mood. You just feel relieved when you release your negative energy through crying. After that, endorphins would start to come in to restore your energy and bring you back to your normal state.

3. It helps to protect you from common sicknesses

Your tears contain natural antibacterial and antiviral properties that protect you from disease causing germs that might find their way into your eyes. You may not know it, but tears posses antibacterial properties that can kill 95 percent of all bacteria in a matter of minutes.

4. It helps to remove toxins from your body

Negative feelings and emotions trigger the secretion of harmful substances in the body. When you cry because of grief or distress, your tears will wash these toxic substances out from your body.

5. Tears provide lubrication to your eyes

This item has nothing to do with crying as it does not involve your emotion. But tears help to keep the normal functions of your eyes by acting as their lubricant and keep their membranes and eyeballs hydrated. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy our sight without the tears that keep our eyes moist all the time.