Cycling is a great way to see places in your own time and pace.  It is a good exercise that helps to improve your energy and overall physical can mental well being.

With the increasing number of people who have opted to live sedentary lifestyles, more and more people have become obese.  This has increased the risk of diseases such as stroke, heart problems and diabetes in an alarming rate.

You can actually prevent these by engaging in light to moderate exercises such as bicycling.  It can help to strengthen your muscles, improve your stamina, and boost your immune system.  It actually helps to reduce the mortality rate by 40 percent, according to the Archives of Internal Medicine, 2000.

Here are some of the health benefits of bicycling:

1. It helps to reduce weight

Cycling boosts metabolism and increases calorie consumption.  It can help promote your weight loss program if you do the exercise on a regular basis.

2. It helps to regulate blood pressure

Bicycling is a physical exercise which also helps to reduce stress.  This will result to a lower blood pressure which can help to protect you from the risks of stroke.

3. It helps to lower resting heart rate

Cycling helps to strengthen your heart muscles and lowers your resting heart rate.  People with high resting heart rate are prone to cardiovascular diseases and sudden heart attacks.

4. It helps to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad cholesterol levels

Your body needs to have a healthy ratio of good and bad cholesterol levels.  If your body has too much bad cholesterol, your good cholesterol will have a hard time removing it.  When it accumulates in the arteries, it can be a cause for heart attacks and other heart problems.

5. It helps to prevent heart disease

People who live sedentary lifestyles are prone to heart diseases because their hearts work double time to circulate blood and oxygen to all the parts of your body.  The accumulation of bad cholesterol in the arteries is another factor that causes heart diseases and cardiovascular problems.  Cycling helps to prevent this problem because it strengthens your heart muscles and increases the level of good cholesterol in your body.

6. It helps to prevent diabetes

Regular exercises like cycling help to regulate the glucose levels in the body and decrease its resistance to insulin.

7. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Cycling is a good way to let your mind wander as you see the beauty of nature.  It can help to take your mind out of the stress of everyday life, as it helps to boost your mood and give you renewed energy.

8. It helps to improve muscle strength and boost stamina and endurance

Just like other physical exercises, regular bicycling helps to tone and strengthen your muscles.  It also enhances your sense of balance, improves your mind-body coordination, and boosts your stamina and endurance to physical stress and fatigue.


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