Alfalfa is a flowering plant which is also one of the world’s most important forage plants.  It is native to Asia and it was used primarily for feeding animals, but it was exported and cultivated in other parts of the world like North America, Europe and Canada because of its health benefits.

Alfalfa is loaded with many essential vitamins and minerals that help to keep you physically and mentally healthy.  These nutrients include vitamins A, D, E, K and the full family of B vitamins.  It also contains biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium and protein which are essential for your optimal health.

The health benefits of alfalfa have contributed to make it earn the name “King of all foods.”  Please read on to know some of them:

1. It helps to flush out toxins in the body.

The alfalfa contains properties that help to flush out the toxins that usually build up in the bowels.  It also possesses diuretic properties which stimulate urination.  This can lead to the excretion of water retention and the relief from urinary tract infection.

Many people use natural herbs as laxative or diuretic because they are safer than man-made drugs which carry lots of side effects.

2. It helps to lower bad cholesterol levels.

The regular consumption of alfalfa is believed to lower bad cholesterol level which is one of the primary causes of high blood pressure, stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

3. It helps to keep your skin healthy.

The alfalfa herb is loaded with vitamins C and E which are potent antioxidants that help to promote skin health and prevent early aging.

4. It helps to boost your immune system.

The alfalfa is rich in vitamin C which helps to strengthen your resistance against organisms that can cause infections.  This is very important in aiding your immune system to allow it to perform its other functions in protecting your body from diseases.

5. It helps to alleviate headaches and migraines.

The alfalfa herb is high in magnesium and calcium content which makes it an effective alternative for headaches and migraine relief.

How can you take Alfalfa?

There are many ways to include alfalfa into your diet.  One of the most popular ways is to drink it as brewed tea.  But since this herb can be slightly bland in taste, you can brew it with another flavored tea for better taste and added benefits.

You can also take alfalfa in capsule form in the same way as you take your daily multi vitamin.