Sprouts are offshoots from germinated seeds of leafy green plants which we eat as vegetables. These are rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzyme which are all beneficial to health.

A 20th century study about the nutritional value of sprouts suggested that the nutritional content of these vegetables make up to 25 percent of our daily food intake.

The study further said that sprouts are a powerful source of antioxidants which play a big role in preventing damage to cell and body tissues which results from normal body processes and exposure to chemicals.

In another study conducted by double Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, it was found out that the growth of cancer cells are triggered by lack of oxygen.

Raw sprouts are rich in oxygen as well as these have an alkalizing effect on the body if taken regularly.  A healthy body is alkaline and oxygen rich where cancer cells, viruses and bacteria cannot survive.

Another attribute which makes the sprout a "superfood" is its being a good source of fiber and essential fatty acids which the body primarily needs to produce energy and healthy cell membranes.

Sprouts three to five days old are known to have more nutritional content than the plant can produce at any other stage in its life; and nutrition experts even claim that there were cases when the sprout surpassed its own nutritional value as a plant by more than 600 percent.

Sprouts can be made from untreated seeds, nuts, grains and beans right in your own kitchen by placing the seeds in a jar and soaking the seeds with water.  Keep the jar safe from insects by covering its opening with mesh and securing it with rubber band.

Small seeds are soaked for six to eight hours while bigger ones are soaked for eight to twelve hours.  After the soaking period ends, rinse the seeds and drain the jar three times per day until the sprouts are ready.  Beans and grains are highly nutritious at the stage when the sprouts are as long as the beans or grains, while smaller seeds are at their peak of nutrition when their two small leaves begin to open.

Eat sprouts regularly and provide your body with vitamins, minerals and enzyme it needs to make it energized, healthy and resistant to stress and sicknesses.


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