The Pennywort herb is widely known for its numerous health benefits.  This herb, which is also known as Gotu Kola, Pegaga or Centella is loaded with health-enhancing qualities because it helps to improve eyesight, sharpen memory and provide relief from pain due to arthritis.  This herb is became famous for its capability to increase youthfulness and provide relief from insomnia.

Pennywort is a wonder herb of sorts.  According to herbalists, this wonder plant is used to treat venereal diseases, rheumatism, hepatitis, varicose veins, skin ulcers, fatigue and stress.  It is also known to lower high blood pressure and its fresh leaves have the ability to cure asthma, dysentery and bronchitis.

It is loaded with vitamins and minerals which are essential for our health, among them, vitamin K, sodium, vitamin B-complex, calcium, zinc, magnesium and manganese and anti toxic properties.  The juice of this wonder herb is also capable of improving blood circulation and rebuilding connective tissues of the body.  It also works to purify the blood, prevent premature aging lower blood sugar levels.

But behind the amazing capabilities of this wonder herb from the swamps is a short shelf life.  It can spoil in a matter of two days.  You have to buy pennyworth in limited quantities and you have to use them within two days after you’ve purchased them from your natural health store.

In order to get their full potential, place Pennywort leaves in a blender and add water just enough to cover them.  You need to sweeten the mix so you should add honey, stevia or xylitol into the blender.

Place Pennywort leaves in a blender and add enough water to cover them. Add honey, stevia or xylitol to sweeten them. Puree until the leaves become syrupy.  Filter the blend as you pour it to another container, and discard the leafy sludge.  Serve the blend with ice or additional lemon juice.

You can also make tea out of Pennywort leaves by placing them in a cup and pouring boiling water over them soaking them for about five minutes.  If you want to make a cup of tea using fresh leaves, 1/4 cup of Pennywort leaves would be enough, but if your Pennywort leaves are dried, two teaspoons of the would be sufficient to make a cup of tea.

Because of its potency, many herbalists do not recommend the use of Pennywort herb by pregnant and breastfeeding women. ding.


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