Exercises or workouts and foods are among the most basic things you need to maintain your health and energy.  They are closely related to each other because they are all intended to make you physically strong and mentally sharp.  But there is a thin line which can divide them, as your exercise efforts can go down the drain if you eat foods which are not good for your health.

Exercise requires you to burn energy.  It is also the main reason why you should eat energy giving foods to fuel you up during the session.  Once you’ve burned up your energy during the exercise, you need to replenish it by eating foods which can help you recover without the calories that you just shed off.

Here are the foods that you should eat before and after a workout:

Foods you need to eat before a workout

You need energy before a workout, but you do not need to eat a large meal before engaging in any strenuous physical activity.  You can get the energy by eating a small meal consisting of lean meats, fruits and nuts two or three hours before you start to workout.

Other healthy pre-workout foods include whole grains, crackers with peanut butter, oatmeal and salad with beans.  You also need to drink a cup of water for every hour two to three hours before you begin.

A small snack before you begin with your exercise is also a good way to get additional energy.  These should consist of foods which are low in fats and high in carbohydrates.  These will give you the energy boost that you need for your exercise.  Ideal pre-workout snack foods include sugar-free fruit smoothies, yogurt, granola bars, bananas, mangoes or pineapple.

Foods you need to eat after a workout

You need to replenish the energy you lost during your workout.  This is the reason why you should eat a healthy meal which is rich in proteins and carbohydrates within 30 minutes to two hours after each exercise routine.  This will help to keep you from feeling extremely hungry later on.  This can compel you to eat junk foods or large meals which can defeat the purpose of your exercise.

Some of the best foods to eat after a workout include eggs, whole grains, peanut butter sandwich, oatmeal, lean meat and salad with beans.

These are the foods that you need to eat before and after a workout.  Eating these foods at their designated times will help to give you optimal results for your workout efforts.

As an added tip, you should avoid spicy and fatty foods especially prior to a workout because they can cause the buildup of gas in your digestive tract.


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