Aside from its physiological and psychological benefits, meditation has some extraordinary benefits.

These benefits may not be applicable to everyone, but those who believe that everything in the universe is interconnected have the benefit of knowing this extraordinary awareness.

Here are the extraordinary benefits of meditation:

1. It makes you feel connected with the universe

If you are a serious practitioner of meditation, you get the feeling of being connected to everything around you.  It will give you a deeper understanding of people and other creatures.

This connection will make you feel the emotions of animals and you will know when they are happy or scared.  It will give you an extra sense of compassion and empathy for other life forms.  The understanding that they too can feel pain and fear will help you to see them in a different way, and you will no longer see them as senseless creatures whose role in the world is to live and die for the human race.  That connection will make you realize that even plants can feel pain.

2. It raises your awareness

Meditation can help you to see life as a stage where every creature has an important role to play.  It will open your awareness to the fact that life is about harmony and not discord.

Meditation helps you to understand the truth which you find in your own consciousness.

3. It helps you to connect with the universal mind

Regular practice of meditation helps to you to open your mind to the flow of ideas.  It also makes you aware of ideas that come from different sources, such as books, your friends or the Internet.  You don't have to search for ideas.   Just meditate on your most important questions and the answers will come to you in the normal course – if you are aware of what's happening around you.

4. It crashes negative thoughts

When you meditate, you will learn to visualize your desires and eliminate negative thinking that limits your thoughts.  Negativity is but little fears that become a monster in your unconscious mind because you keep on feeding it with pessimism.  It's a barrier that prevents you from reaching your desired manifestations.

Meditation helps to remove this obstacle to make way for your positive intentions to prevail.

5. It raises your vibration

Regular practice of meditation helps to develop your vibration for positive circumstances.  This will help you to become a positive person who has a deep understanding of inner peace.


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