Sadness is a negative emotion which is characterized by feelings of despair, loss, defeat, anger or sorrow.

It is an energy sapper which makes people outspoken and very sensitive.

Sadness is temporary and it is different from depression which is characterized by an extreme low in a person’s mood and ability to function normally.

Sadness can be triggered by many factors; the loss of a loved one, a job, financial losses and family and relationship problems all lead to the feeling of sadness which can be harmful to your health.

1. Sadness affects your body

When you are sad, you are emotionally spent.  You are confused, your mind becomes cloudy, you become withdrawn and your blood pressure and heart rate rise.

Sadness can lead to other forms of discomfort.  Its negative effects on your overall health include constipation, diarrhea chest pain, dry mouth, back pain, fatigue, headache, high blood pressure, and heart palpitation.

2. Sadness affects your appetite

Another negative effect of sadness is its ability to remove your appetite or raise it to abnormal levels.  Lots of sad people have become either anorexic or bulimic.  These are eating disorders that have emotional origins, particularly sadness or unhappiness.  Although these disorders have emotional origins, they have a direct impact on your physical health.

3. Sadness affects your sex drive

When you are sad, your focus is directed to your feeling of loss or helplessness.  It makes you lose interest in many things, including sex.  Prolonged sadness can actually lead to a more serious problems which can affect your marriage or family.

4. Prolonged sadness can lead to anxiety

If you allow sadness to dominate your other emotions for long periods, it can grow worse which may lead to anxiety.  Anxiety attacks are not uncommon in extremely sad people.

Steps to alleviate sadness

One of the best things to do to reduce your feeling of sadness is to talk to your doctor about it before it can cause damage to your health.  Doctors are professionals who can find ways to make you feel better either through exercise or medication.

Another way is to go to a psychologist or a counselor who can help you resolve your sadness by tackling it on its roots.

You have the right to be happy.  Don’t let sadness pull you down.


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