Anger is a strong emotion which is characterized by hostility and displeasure.  It can range from mild irritation to extreme fury. 

Uncontrolled anger can lead to verbal abuse, violence or assault. 

The Physical Effects of Anger

Anger stimulates your adrenal glands to produce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.  As it stirs your body's fight or flight mode, your brain pushes blood from your gut to your muscles to make you ready for a physical encounter.  Your heart rate, blood pressure and temperature rise accordingly as your mind focuses on the object of your fury.

Anger that's been allowed to stay for long causes a lot of ill effects to your health.  The frequent release of stress chemicals which are associated with anger can be harmful.  The negative effects of anger include anxiety, headache, insomnia, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

You should be able to express your anger in a healthy approach.  Uncontrolled anger can explode to violence.

Most people who have little or no control over their anger are those with very low self-esteem.  They rely on anger to make them feel powerful enough to control others.  But there are some who choose to suppress their emotion only to suffer from depression and anxiety later on.  Anger should be managed in a healthy way to prevent it from creating havoc to your health.

How to Express Anger in Healthy Ways:

Anger can be transformed into positive emotion if you know how to control it.  Here are some of the ways to deal with anger:

1. Walk away from the situation and find a place to cool down if you feel that your rage is out of control;

2. Anger is a normal human emotion just like happiness and sadness.  You should learn to accept anger as a normal part of your life;

3. Identify the real cause of your anger.  It will you help to resolve the issue more easily;

4. Engage in a physical activity like jogging or shadow-boxing.  This will help to release your negative emotion and divert your mind towards other things;

5. Relax.  Take deep breaths, fill your body and brain with oxygen and drink a glass of water.  Talk to yourself and mention the possible consequences if you let your anger take the better of you.

Anger is a powerful emotion which is both bad and good depending on how you manage it.  There are many people who have succeeded in making their lives better because their anger towards a situation had driven them to strive.

You should take anger seriously.  It has ruined the lives of many.  You should consider counseling if you feel that you are not able to overcome your rage.  It is harmful to your health, and worse, it might trigger you to do things which you might regret for the rest of your life.


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