Unhealthy dieting and poor eating habits are one of the primary causes of health problems of many people.  Eating foods which are extremely low in calories and nutrients such as junk food can result to consequences which can be expensive and life threatening.

You should make sure that the foods you eat contain the health benefits that your body needs, especially if you are on a diet.

Here are the top 5 disadvantages of unhealthy dieting:

1. It can lead to binge eating

When you stop eating your favorite foods, it can sometimes mean that you are also cutting your calorie intake in extreme proportions.  This will result to food cravings especially if you eat very little food that can nourish your body.

Food cravings result in the feeling of deprivation and intense hunger.  This can lead to binge eating – a serious eating disorder characterized by the consumption of unusually large amounts of food.

2. It can cause muscle loss

Protein is one of the nutrients that are missing when unhealthy dieting is practiced.  Your body needs this substance to build or repair tissues such as muscles.  When you lack protein in your diet, your body will use its own muscle mass to carry out its processes.

3. It can cause fatigue and nausea

Unhealthy dieting can be extreme that it can lead to starvation.  This will result when you go for weeks without eating solid foods that your body needs to function normally.  Extreme calorie and nutrient deficiency can result in severe fatigue, nausea, dizziness and headaches.

4. It can eventually lead to weight gain

The challenge of poor dieting is so extreme you will not be able to withstand it in the long term.  This will also deprive you of the opportunity to gradually adjust your food intake which can sustain you all the way until you achieve your ideal weight.

Your inability to cope up with your unhealthy diet can get you back to your usual eating habits. This will eventually lead you to gain more weight.

5. It can lead to depression

Unhealthy dieting can lead to extreme hunger and a feeling of deprivation.  This will affect your mood and energy.  It can make you weak, irritable, dizzy and nauseous.  These feelings when combined, can lead to extreme sadness and depression.

You can avoid the consequences of unhealthy dieting by making gradual diet adjustments.  You do not need to deprive your body of calories and nutrients to achieve your ideal weight.

Combine your diet regimen with exercise to burn the calories and firm up your muscles.  Identify the aspects of your diet that lead to weight gain and address them one at a time.  This will help to bring you to the form that you dream of without experiencing negative consequences.


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