Negative self-scripts refer to the negative thoughts a person has about himself.  It is one of the factors that can make him create a negative self-image about himself.  It also makes him utter negative statements about himself on a daily basis.

Some of the most common causes of negative self-script include:

1. Negative beliefs and negative statements you have about yourself; 

2. Negative descriptions that you receive from peers or members of your own family when you were young, which you hold on to even as you grow up;

3. Negative comments that you incorporate into your belief system;

4. Negative images you have about your body and looks;

5. Negative assessments that others have about your ability and intelligence that you believe is true of you;

6. Negative visualizations you have of your current status or state in life to your personal detriment.

7. Feelings of anger, resentment, hostility or rage you feel toward others for real or imagined mistreatment. This so immobilizes you that your emotional growth gets stunted and you feel negatively about both yourself and life in general.

Negative self-script and a negative self-image can lead a person to lose self-confidence, and it can blow up into depression, social anxiety, difficulty to concentrate, insomnia and other psychological problems. 

Negativism is not a genetic abnormality, but it can affect or influence the lives of people who surround the sufferer, like the members of his family.

Here are some of the destructive effects of negative self-script:

1. It makes you dependent on the approval of other people.

Negative self-script makes you create a need to receive positive reinforcement for what you are as a person.  Your actions and decisions are totally dependent on what other people think or say.

2. It makes you lose self-esteem.

Negative self-script can make you lose your sense of self-worth.  It makes you unable to see your real value in any endeavor.  It makes you see a misshapen image of yourself and you won't have confidence in your competency to succeed in life.

3. It makes you afraid to take risks.

By consistently talking negatively to yourself, you become fearful of taking risks.  It can result in fear of making changes because you have lost faith in your own capabilities.

4. It makes you develop negativity and pessimism.

By constantly articulating negative self-script, you will develop into a negative creature that sees a world in a negative light.  It makes you think and act like a "loser" and it makes you believe that nothing around you seems to be in a positive light.  It makes you see nothing ahead but failure and defeat.

5. It makes you prone to depression.

Your bitterness, anger, hurt and disappointment can become so stuck and constricted that it can take you into a deep sense of melancholy and loss of hope. It makes you prone to depression which could escalate into a worse physical or mental problem.


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