This is the second of a two-part series that cover the benefits of walking meditation.

In the previous chapter, we discussed the important steps in performing this meditation technique.  Those steps will take us to a point of achieving a balance of our inner and outer selves.

By attaining that balance, our minds can experience stillness, calmness and clarity.  It helps to make us peaceful, content, and quiet.

This chapter intends to enumerate the benefits of walking meditation.  These are:

1. It helps to improve your endurance to long journeys on foot.

If you engage in walking meditation on a regular basis, you will not only feel the stillness and calm that it is able to give.  It also helps to develop your stamina to walk long distances.

Walking is itself an exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles of your lower body.  It can stimulate your body to release feel good hormones that relieve stress.  Combining walking with meditation is a great way to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual strength and awareness.

2. It helps to develop persistence of the mind.

Like other forms of meditation, walking meditation requires you to develop your mind to become consciously aware of every breath and movement that your body takes.  This requires effort and persistence.

Overtime, you will develop a sense of awareness of your inner and outer self while releasing the tension through your walking exercise.

3. It helps to boost your immune system and make you more resistance to diseases.

Walking helps to improve your oxygen intake which in turn oxygenates your blood that nourishes all the cells of your brain and body.

Combine it with reduced stress levels and you will have an excellent immune system that helps to protect you from organisms that can cause diseases.

Walking meditation also helps to alleviate diabetes and remove extra pounds from overweight individuals.

4. It helps to improve digestion.

Health experts are against the idea of taking large meals at night because digestion can be difficult when you are asleep.

Walking meditation stimulates your body to secrete gastric juices to thoroughly digest the food you eat.  Proper digestion can keep you away from flatulence, dyspepsia and stomach pains.

5. It can help you to develop concentration that lasts longer.

Walking meditation helps to improve your circulation which can translate to mental and physical alertness.  This can help to enhance your focus and develop your ability to concentrate for longer periods.

These are some of the know benefits of walking meditation.  Practice it constantly and reap one of its greatest benefits which are physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


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