In a world where real people thrive, patience is a priceless virtue.  It's easy to get frustrated or irritated in the real world because we often fail to get what we want.  We even get irked when the Internet is not fast enough to take us to the website that we want to visit. 

It's easy for us to burst into anger when someone gives us a curious look that we cannot understand.  Our temper quickly soars when our children cannot easily understand what we teach them during study sessions.

It's a shame that some of us can't exercise even a bit of patience for the sake of people we love. 

But it's not yet too late.  The fact that we realize how impatient we are makes us open to change.  We can develop patience and we can learn it by consciously practicing it in our daily lives. 

But before practicing it, it would be good to know some of the benefits of patience.  They can help to let you know why it is considered a virtue.

1. It helps individuals to turn their talents into achievements.

Everyone needs patience to turn their talents into great skills.  Even if you have the talent, you cannot excel in what you do if you do not dedicate time and effort to master it. 

You will need patience to overcome the roadblocks on your way to excellence.  Patience can help you to achieve your dreams.

The road to success is long and slippery.  In order to reach your goal, you have to write it and break it down into smaller steps.  Set accomplishment targets for each step and commit to achieve them one by one. By taking one small step at a time, you are already exercising patience.

2. It helps to foster good relationships with your peers and loved ones.

No man stands alone.  One way or another he is related to someone, and that relationship will stand only if there is mutual respect and understanding between the parties. 

Without respect and understanding, this relationship will easily crash because people tend to capitalize on other people's differences.  Patience teaches us to accept other people's flaws and imperfections.  It is the backbone of good relationships.

3. It helps to build empathy.

Patience helps us to understand the feelings of other people.  We will not be able to bridge the gap with others if we are impatient with them.  Patience teaches tolerance, tolerance creates empathy, and empathy wins gratitude. 

All of these boil down to a good relationship with one another. Patience has bridged the gap between us and other people.

4. It helps to promote better health.

In a chaotic world as ours, anger and stress is not uncommon. These things can make people sick.  They are two of the most common causes of sicknesses today. 

People die of heart attack and stroke everyday, and many of these are triggered by anger or stress or both.  Recent research even suggests that that angry people are 150 percent more likely to get cancer than composed folks.

Patience is the line that prevents you from crossing over from calmness to anger – a place where hypertension, ulcer, heart diseases and other ailments await.

By all means you should strive to exercise patience.  It is one of the essential elements of a healthy and happy life.


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