Before the establishment of scientific medicine, people have already discovered many ways to live good healthy lives.

Herbal healing and aromatherapy are two of the most ancient practices that have helped many people get relief from many ailments.  These alternative healing methods are slowly gaining popularity in modern culture.

There are two essential oils which were found to contain properties which help to restore energy to tired muscles.

These two essential oils are Pan Away and Patchouli.  Pan Away is a blend of wintergreen, clove, helichrysum and peppermint.  Each of these oils has the ability to help the body in its normal cell generation process.  When blended, they produce an essential oil that promotes good health and boosts energy.

You can mix two to three drops of Pan Away with a teaspoon of almond or jojoba which will act as the carrier.  Apply the mixture on your knees, feet and lower back.  These are the stress areas need the soothing effect of essential oils.  Pan Away works to relieve the soreness which usually results when your muscles become tense or stressed for long periods.

Patchouli is another essential that you can use to relieve stress.  This essential oil comes from the mint family and it was usually used by the 1970’s students in America.  Student life is very stressful.  You can imagine the stress of student life, being away from home, working on projects under a tight budget and being with people you barely know.

The soothing effect of Patchouli had helped the students cope up with their stress.  It also helped to improve their moods.

Patchouli is applied by mixing a few drops of Patchouli oil with carrier oil and applying the mixture on the soles of your feet.
Massage the soles of your feet for a few minutes and put on light socks afterwards; this will allow your feet to absorb the ‘spirit’ of the essential oil, thus allowing it to produce its soothing effect.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that essential oils have the power to relieve pain.  But observations from users do tell us that aromatherapy is beneficial to our health.  There are also claims that aromatherapy is able to help strengthen the various systems in the body including the immune, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems.


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