Massage is the process of pressing and rubbing the body or its parts with the ultimate purpose of increasing blood circulation, promoting relaxation and restoring energy to tired or aching muscles.

Massage can either be for relaxation or therapy.  Many people believe that massage is an effective way to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, back pain and other disorders of the muscles.  It is also believed to reduce stress and cushion the effects caused by problems of the nervous system.

Aside from its soothing and relaxing benefits, massage is also a powerful way to overcome three energy drainers that can rob you of your precious time.  These are muscle soreness, headache and anxiety.

Say goodbye to all these as you welcome the power of the healing touch which can help you maintain physical, mental and emotional well-being if you make it a regular wellness habit.

When you go get a massage, you will get these health benefits:

— A calmer nervous system and an improved sense of well-being;

— Improved circulation of oxygen-rich blood that energizes the body;