You may not know it, but engaging in hot and cold baths is beneficial to your physical well-being because of its ability to boost energy, increase circulation, release negative energy and clear the skin from toxins.

Hot and cold water therapy is a centuries-old practice.  Ancient people used to enjoy these baths by simply jumping from hot springs to cold rivers.  In modern times, these are done in spas.

In the absence of spas, this can be done by alternating hot and cold water in your shower.

Many people are used to warm showers.  They do not entertain the idea of even using cold water in their baths. You will not be able to appreciate the benefits of hot and cold baths if you don’t experience it yourself.

Hot and cold baths can be beneficial, contrary to what most people believe. It’s because it makes your muscles expand and contract.  This type of muscle movement squeezes the toxins away from your muscles.  It also improves circulation and allows the distribution of fresh blood to all the parts of your body.  This results in a cleansing effect that removes the toxins away from your body, including the stagnant areas where toxins accumulate.

You can start by using hot water for a few minutes and then switch to cold water for a minute.  Repeat the process for as long as you want.  Just remember that the highest temperature you can take for your hot shower in contrast to the coldest you can bear for its cold counterpart is known to give the best results – of clearing yourself from negative energy.

Poor circulation can cause the deprivation of some areas of the body from oxygen-rich blood.  This often leads to cancers and tumors which develop because the body wasn’t able to remove the toxin and the waste that accumulated.  The amount of chemically loaded foods we take daily is another contributor because it overwhelms the body’s natural detoxification system.

By itself, cold water showers are beneficial because they bring more oxygen which gives an alkalizing and detoxifying effect on the body.

Energy Benefits of Sea Salts

Ocean swimming and bathing in water laced with sea salts is also known to remove negative energy.

In order to remove what negative energy is left in your body after shower or after taking a dip in the sea, simply hold two teaspoonfuls of sea salts in each hand for a few minutes.  The salt is believed to absorb the negative energy which your body releases through the palm of your hands.

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