Everyone wants to be fit, trim, energized, strong, and have lots of stamina and endurance, but not all of us have the will to engage in regular exercises.

Many people are trying to start a workout regimen, but they have all sorts of alibis from lack of equipment, lack of money to pay for the gyms or lack of time and end up doing nothing to put their plan into action.

But behind these, there’s actually a type of exercise that can counter all these excuses.  All the investment you need is the motivation to do it.  This exercise is the common push up.  It is the kind of physical fitness activity that you can do anywhere.  It doesn’t require much space.  It takes just a little fraction of your time, and you don’t need to spend a cent to perform it.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from doing push ups:

1. It helps to give you a complete body workout.

You may not realize it, but push ups is one exercise that can give you a full body workout.  It exercises not just your arms, shoulders and upper back, but it also works on your fingers, forearms, hamstrings, calf, biceps, triceps, lower body and your feet.

2. It helps to enhance your endurance.

You don’t need anything but your own body to perform push ups, but as you do it, you will begin to realize that it is not easy to do especially during the first stages of your regimen.  The only way to successfully perform this physical activity is to practice constantly.  You have to commit to yourself that you will do it regularly so that you can reap its benefits which include improved endurance levels.  This added endurance will be helpful to you in performing physically challenging activities in your daily life.

3. It helps to improve muscle mass.

Building muscle mass is important not because it can give you a beautiful physique but also to burn those unwanted fats that you carry everyday.  Push ups help to burn calories so that you can shed off those fats and replace them with muscles that make you healthier, trimmer and stronger and good looking.

4. It has lesser risks for injury.

Most workouts come with lots of possibilities for injuries.  Since you do push ups with nothing but the weight of your own body, the risk for injuries is lower compared to other types of weight-training exercises.

5. You can do it all by yourself.

You don’t need to join a gym or a workout club to exercise with push ups because you can do it without any exercise equipment, gym buddy or instructor.

These are some of the benefits of doing push ups.  Once you have mastered the simple push up, you can level up to a more complex form to increase your physical challenge.

You will be thankful to yourself for your commitment to engage in this exercise.  Its benefits will show after you’ve done it for a few weeks.  But to be sure that you are fit to do it, you should consult your doctor before you start doing the exercise.

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