Determination refers to a person's sense and firmness of purpose.   It is a state of mind that keeps people going despite the challenges and obstacles that get in the way. 

Determination has brought to people success.  It has helped them win battles and contests, overcome diseases and make scientific, medical and technological discoveries.

Here are some of the benefits of determination:

1. It helps to keep you focused.

With different people and so much activity going on around you, it's so easy for you to lose focus.

But if you are determined to do or achieve something, you will do everything to keep your focus on your goal.  No amount of distraction can take your attention away from it.

2. It helps to keep you persistent.

Determination is the mainspring of persistence.  It fuels you with burning desire to reach your objective.  It gives you a fighting spirit that refuses to give up at all cost.  It keeps you moving forward to your goal. 

Persistence is one of the keys to success because it keeps you trying without surrender despite negative responses.  Persistence is one way of turning no into a yes.  It is a quality found in most people who are engaged in sales and marketing.

3. It helps to keep you optimistic.

Optimism or positive attitude is one of the most effective qualities that successful people are endowed with.  It helps to give you a mindset that there is always a solution to every problem.

You can never accomplish a job or solve a problem if you fill your mind with negativity even before you start working on it.  But if you start by looking at things from a positive point of view, you will begin to see solutions that can give you the confidence to accomplish what you desire.

Optimism fuels you up with energy to work harder.  It also gives you the feeling that by constantly moving ahead, you can get the results that you aim to achieve.


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