In this age of stress and extreme pressures of everyday life, meditation has become one of the most effective forms of physical and mental relaxation. It has in fact caught the attention of many workers, housewives, mothers, and professionals because people have started to appreciate its benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

One of the best approaches to successful meditation is through guided meditation. It is the process of using narrative and music to take the meditator to an inner journey. Some of the most important purposes of meditation include emotional healing, pain management, relaxation, focus enhancement, and improvement of physical and mental performance.

Here are some of the advantages of guided meditation:

1. It requires less effort.

Traditional meditation is unguided meditation. It requires you to exert some effort in order to achieve the level of concentration that you need to reach a meditative state. With guided meditation, you can easily reach that point because you are guided by a pre-recorded message and music that walks you through the process.

2. It helps your mind to visualize.

Guided meditation empowers your mind to visualize. Visualization refers to the use of mental imagery to create positive changes in your life.

Many people in the field of arts, business, sports, religion, alternative medicine and psychotherapy employ guided meditation to heal a person’s mind, body and spirit and to uplift him psychologically and emotionally. It is an effective tool for self-improvement.

3. It helps to create positive changes in your life more easily.

Guided meditation can help you to visualize positive experiences that can represent the changes you want to happen in your life. It can help you to develop a new outlook, a new attitude towards life and yourself, and a sense of freedom and inner peace.

“The mind cannot tell the difference between a real-life event and a vividly imagined one,” says Denis Waitley, a meditation coach of Olympic champions and Apollo astronauts.

Like traditional meditation, guided meditation can also help to:

– Improve the quality of your life. It can also help to increase your awareness and relieve you from stress;

– Facilitate spiritual development and physical and emotional healing;

– Enhance creativity and boost self-esteem;

– Eliminate negativity and pessimism and improves your physical and mental performance; and

– Resolve psychological difficulties you maybe facing.

These are some of the most important advantages of guided meditation. Traditional meditation can also deliver these benefits, but with guided meditation, you can achieve them faster, easier, and with lesser effort.