Of all the regular meals in our day, breakfast has the most advantages.  It is one meal that you will take at the beginning of your day that can provide you with the energy and nutrition you will need.

The energy you need at the start of your day is packed in the breakfast you take. Not only will it provide you with an energetic body and an alert mind, it can also help you take control of your weight.

Studies show that regularly eating healthy breakfasts makes a person well nourished and a better performer in school and at work.  This healthy meal also gives you the endurance and stamina when you engage in physical activity.  It also lowers your cholesterol level.

Everybody needs to eat breakfast. It is the first meal that you take at least 10 hours after you ate your dinner the night before. The American Dietetic Association relates that children who eat breakfast are better performers in class and on the playground than others who skip the meal.  The association also noted that eating healthy breakfasts improve the children’s problem-solving skills as well as their eye-hand coordination.

Eat Breakfast for Weight Control

Many studies suggest that people who regularly eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don’t take breakfast at all.   According to health experts, this happens because eating breakfast reduces hunger for the rest of the day.  This allows him/her to choose healthier foods for the other meals.

Skipping breakfast is actually not an effective dieter’s strategy because it creates hunger and a craving that prompts him/her to eat more during lunch and at other times of the day.

Diet experts suggest that eating breakfasts that contain protein helps in controlling weight because it keeps you feeling full that you will no longer find the need to eat more until lunchtime.

Another study also showed that breakfast eaters who regularly consumed cereal as part of a healthy breakfast were able to maintain their healthy body weight.

The study also suggests that in order to maintain good health, an alert mind and a body filled with energy, breakfasts containing a variety of foods which include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, non-fat dairy and lean protein should be taken regularly.