Negative thinking refers to the state of mind or belief of a person who has a tendency to stress the unfavorable outcome of events.  It is an outlook which is characterized by complaints, grievances, criticisms, objections or protests.  It is based on a conviction that things will go wrong and everything will turn out badly, sometimes without regard to the way things are done.

Everyone has experienced being negative at some point in his or her life.  It is not a good position to be in because it can alienate you from your friends and people who want to see the brighter side of things.

Effects of Negativity

1. Negativity is an energy sapper and it attracts negative energy that makes life more difficult for you.  It can even prevent good things from happening in your life.

2. Negative people are always upset about anything for no valid reason.  They practically suck you of energy and they can make you lose your enthusiasm to do your best.

3. Bad thoughts can make you tense, hunched and stressed.  It can cause headaches, neck and back pains, indigestion, stomach ulcers and anxiety or depression.

How Yoga Views Bad Thoughts

From a yogic point of view, there are no good or bad thoughts.  It is the way you respond and act to your thoughts that make it good or bad.  Your thoughts make you radiate energy, and this can either be positive or negative.  It all depends on how you carry and depict it.

Yoga can enhance your power of focus and concentration, and it can help you to center your attention on your body’s means of expressing emotions.  It also allows suppressed feelings to manifest when you perform certain hatha yoga poses.  This can help to move negative energy from your body.

The Effects of Yoga on Negative Thoughts

Yoga helps to boost your mood and it has the ability to create regular feelings of well-being.  Its poses and meditation techniques help to relax your body and relieve you of stress, anxiety and negative thoughts.

Its ability to give you the power of focus makes you aware of your thoughts.  It would then be up to you how to react to them.